State of America Flag

State of America Flag

  • $5.00

This country may be good to some of us, but it's not great for all of us. 


Part of our 'For A Cause' series, this sticker was designed as a way to give you a chance to help in response to the heartbreaking stories we've seen. 

15% of all profits of this sticker go towards Freedom for Immigrants, an organization dedicated to abolishing immigrant concentration camps and assisting those affected by ICE raids. 

Another 15% will go towards Black Futures Lab, an organization with a mission to increase the presence of people of color in politics and create policies that help protect communities. 



Material: Thick, Premium Vinyl

Measures: 5" x 2.78"

Waterproof, scratch-proof, and weatherproof!

Guarantee: 6 Years Outside / 10 Years Inside

Safe for any surface including car paint / windows

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